Recently Launched: Roo Solutions

roo solutions

We, the founders of Roo Solutions, have decades of experience as homeowners and specialists. Like so many others, we’ve had to rely on unknown service professionals when unexpected needs arise (think plumbing leaks or selling assistance). With Roo Solutions, we propose a smart solution for homeowners in search of real estate specialists.

We want to provide service contacts for all real estate needs. Homeowners, at no cost, can review specific professionals in their area of need using “View Virtual Resumes” and/or simply post a need for service. Homeowners will get responses from specialists and have profiles convenient for review. From that point, a homeowner can interview and negotiate with the specialist they prefer.


Did we mention there is no cost? You can search properties and specialists in the field of real estate at your leisure. Or, simply post a real estate need and specialists will contact you by email or phone. Think of this as waving your arm for assistance and having it seen for miles. You can add as much detail as you like to your post (even pictures of locations, repair-work, problem areas, etc.). There is no obligation on your behalf except dealing fairly with professionals you contact.


Roo Solutions gives you the opportunity to maximize leads for a small monthly subscription. Once you have registered with us, you will list the area of expertise you provide and the regions you service. Any homeowner posting a need in your area will generate a lead to which you can respond conveniently and rapidly. The lead generation is immediate and Roo Solutions does not manage the posts or direct specialists in any priority.

You can set your business apart by making your “Virtual Resume” as professional and complete as possible when you register. Reduce a homeowner’s unease with “strangers” by adding pictures of your work, referrals and testimonials from prior clients, and footage of yourself and your team.

If you have any questions, contact Roo Solutions clicking here today!