Recently Launched: Maryland Brush Company

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Adventure Web Productions recently launched…PipelineWeldingBrushes.com

The Maryland Brush Company (MBC), a proud, employee-owned business, is a recognized leader in the manufacture and distribution of premier quality brush products to the North American welding trade.  From our wide offering you will find the brush that precisely satisfies your intended application. Our power driven and hand brushes are available in carbon and stainless steel wire. For use with hand held power tools, we offer stringer bead, cable twist and standard twist knot type wire wheels. We supply knot type wire cup brushes for use with machine mount or heavy duty angle grinder applications. For smaller, high speed angle grinders, we offer our crimped wire cup brushes. We supply a complete range of stem mounted end brushes for use with higher speed hand tools. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, our tradition of brush manufacturing dates back to 1851. Our products are available through a comprehensive network of distributors located across the US and Canada. Brushes are shipped the same day from our factory or from one of our fully stocked warehouses. Our factory uses the highest quality brush fill materials to produce the finest brush products at the most competitive prices in the marketplace. Brushes are manufactured at our factory under the strict guidelines of the universal ISO9001:2008 quality management system.

If you have any questions, contact the Maryland Brush Company by calling 800-654-0774 or click here today!