Recently Launched: Del Prete Masonry


DelPrete Masonry has been restoring and creating new monuments of masonry in the Baltimore area for more than 25 years.

We specialize in commercial masonry construction and renovations and have completed projects for Maryland-based commercial clients including the Baltimore Ravens, Johns Hopkins University, Legg Mason and Camden Yards Stadium. Whether it’s rebuilding damaged walls or creating entirely new structures from the ground up by incorporating brick, block, concrete or natural stone, DelPrete’s commitment to quality ensures that each commercial project is completed accurately and on time. When we’re contracted for a commercial masonry job, we utilize years of experience, skilled craftsmanship and the finest materials available, along with the determination to work within budget and time constraints. We return damaged structures to their original state, leaving them stronger and more aesthetically pleasing, while retaining their aged distinctions.

Brick and block are our main areas of expertise, but we’re highly skilled in precast stone, structural and natural stone, which includes granite, limestone, marble and cut stone. Commercial concrete construction, including concrete footers, flatwork and poured walls, is an additional specialty.

For more information, contact Del Prete Masonry by calling 443-250-4193 or click here today!