Quick Website Changes to Help Attract More Traffic

Quick Website Changes to Help Attract More Traffic

You might not know it, but there are a couple of ways you can attract more customers to your company website.

You might not know it, but there are a couple of ways you can attract more customers to your company website. We aren’t talking about digital marketing in the sense of paid search campaigns, email marketing, link building, social media, SEO, or anything in that sphere either. These areas of marketing are all quite advantageous, but there are easier ways for you to improve your website’s marketability. Read on for some of the quickest, easiest, and more effective ways to make your website more marketable to attract more traffic and customers.

Add Some Internal Links to Your Website

Whatever the pages on your website might be, whether they’re individual product pages or a blog, if you are not including internal links in your content, you might be missing a trick. This is because search engines love links. They help search engines understand your content’s purpose and relevance and help analyze your company’s website’s structure and overall quality. Search engines like Google can better establish the ranking of your website, which allows you to give your most important pages a higher link value over the less valuable alternatives. More links equal an improved SEO ranking, so make sure to add informative links wherever you can.

Update Your Google My Business Profile

Impressions matter a lot and the same is true for your website. Put yourself in the mind of your target market. Ask yourself the question, if you were searching for your business, what would make you want to interact with it? The way to attract more customers will come down to trust, the more professional you come across, the more likely that somebody will click through to your website from search results. That is where your company’s Google My Business, or GMB, profile comes into play. Google takes direct ranking signals for your website from your Google My Business profile. So you have to make sure that you claimed it, optimized it, and branded it. Also, make sure all your reviews are positive, relevant, and well-detailed. Responding to all reviews, good or bad, is good too. Make sure to add a description to your company’s GMB account, this will encapsulate what your company does, and remember to include a call-to-action for customers to follow.

Add a Pop-Up onto Your Website

While many of us think of pop-ups as being annoying, they can be a useful tool to use when it comes to keeping all customers engaged. When utilized correctly, pop-ups can increase conversion rates. Pop-ups also come in a variety of formats, so if you’re offering something like a discount code, a pop-up can be a positive addition to your website design.

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