New Website Redesign: ACC Telecom

New Website Redesign: ACC Telecom

Here at Adventure Web, we are delighted to announce the redesign of the website for ACC Telecom.

Here at Adventure Web, we are delighted to announce the redesign of the website for ACC Telecom. One of the calling cards for ACC Telecom is how they aim to deliver business communications for the modern world. Let’s learn more about this longtime member of our ADVP family, and what they can do for your business!

Business Communication Solutions

ACC Telecom has been around since 1979, and in that time, has seen all of the massive shifts in the telecommunications industry. For example, on-premise PBX systems have given way to cloud PBX systems. More recently, IP PBX software on virtual servers has become the norm. No matter what communication solutions your business needs, ACC Telecom has you covered. Some examples of the services and solutions they offer include:

  • Business phone systems
  • Carrier systems
  • Security
  • Conferencing
  • Infrastructure

They also offer SIP trunks, IP security cameras, conference room solutions, and UCaaS, or unified communications as a service. It won’t be much longer until the newest wave of business communication technologies become standard throughout every industry, no matter what it is your company does. For example, text messaging is a great way to stay in touch with clients and customers, and you will want to leverage that to its fullest potential.

Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is nothing new. However, if you want to make your company more successful, then this is one way to help improve your business communication solutions. Let ACC Telecom be your VoIP partner in 2019 and beyond! After all, even though they are still dependable, landlines can only do so much for your business. Digital phone systems, online management portals, and advanced hacking protection can all be improved with VoIP solutions. Some of the VoIP solutions we offer include VoIP phone systems, VoIP calling through SIP, and VoIP contact centers.


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