New Website Launch: KLA Seafood

launch blog, seafoodHey there! Adventure Web Productions has another awesome website launch for you today! KLA Seafood is now live. KLA Seafood is all about bringing the freshest and tastiest seafood from their boats to your kitchen. So, whether you are looking for mussels, crabs, lobster or fish, this is going to be the place to get it. Ready to find out more about how you can get amazing seafood options from KLA Seafood? Let’s do it!

KLA Seafood offers a wide variety of seafood options for restaurants that come from all over the globe. If you’re looking for more traditional options like halibut or trout, then they’ve got you covered. They also offer exotic species of fish if you’re looking for something a little different. They can get you crabs from China, Indonesia, Mexico, and even domestic sources. Their crabs can come fresh, pasteurized, or even ready to prepare in containers. If you’re looking for lobster, then look no further. They’ve got cold water and warm water tails. They also have lobster from Canada, Maine, and even Florida. Do you want your meat pre-separated? They can do that too! Let’s talk shellfish. They’ve got it all from king crab to scallops. You can find your seafood solutions at KLA Seafood, Florida’s premiere seafood distributor.

Need credit before you buy? They offer a credit application here!


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