New Website Launch: Earth Data Incorporated

Make a difference with Earth Data Incorporated!

We’re pleased to welcome another amazing company to the Adventure Web Family: Earth Data Incorporated. Earth Data is a full-service consulting firm specializing in groundwater, geospatial planning, watershed restoration, and environmental projects. They’ve been providing quality services throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region for over 40 years!

Earth Data Incorporated

Earth Data consists of scientists, professionals, and people who care a lot about the planet. They are the people who are knee-deep in the Earth, analyzing materials so that you can hydrate safely every day. How does Earth Data benefit its customers and the planet? Let’s explore.

How Much Groundwater Do You Use A Day?

Groundwater is one of the biggest points of interest at Earth Data because American uses 79.3 billion gallons of groundwater a day. It supplies drinking water to 51% of the total U.S. population and 99% of the rural population. One of Earth Data’s many projects includes the exploration and testing of groundwater. The team’s geologists and hydrogeologists assess, design, and implement a customized groundwater testing program to verify availability and quality– ensuring fresh drinking water throughout the country!

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