New Website Launch: My Cleaning Service

My Cleaning Service

We’re happy to announce the addition of My Cleaning Service to the Adventure Web family!

We at Adventure Web are incredibly happy to announce the newest member of the Adventure Web family: My Cleaning Service, Inc.! As a women-owned company, My Cleaning Service and their over 300 employees provide the greater Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas with a commitment to taking care of their customers. Providing some of the best commercial cleaning services out there, My Cleaning Service offers a number of important services to their local area.

Janitorial Services

With a dedicated and experienced staff, as well as high quality equipment, My Cleaning Service offers commercial janitorial services that can’t be beat. They serve a huge range of industries, including medical facilities, government buildings, churches, schools, and commercial offices. Their janitorial division usually handles facilities 20,000 square feet or larger, whereas their specialty division works on facilities of any size.

Post Construction Services

Staffed by a specialized post-construction cleanup crew, My Cleaning Service is able to clean and sanitize over 4,000,000 square feet every year. Whether you’ve just constructed a new residential property or commercial property, My Cleaning Service is able to get it cleaned and presentable. These services include dust and dirt removal, window cleaning, power-washing, and more!

And More!

These aren’t the only services My Cleaning Service offers. They even do:

  • Moving and estate cleaning services
  • Pre and post event cleaning
  • Snow clearing
  • Window washing

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