New Website Launch: CF Masonry

cf masonryAdventure Web Interactive is proud to announce the new website for CF Masonry Specialists, Inc.! CF Masonry is an experienced masonry contractor operating in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. They specialize in commercial and industrial masonry, with a wide array of experience and successful projects. Read on to learn more about CF Masonry and their new website!

All About CF Masonry

CF Masonry works closely with clients to ensure that projects are finished on time and on budget. They’ve worked on many projects that you may recognize, including the Tanger Outlet Center, the Quarry Lakes Office Building, and most recently, the 1525 N. Calvert Street Apartment Building. One thing that remains consistent among their wide variety of projects is quality. CF Masonry puts pride in detailed craftsmanship using high-quality materials. Not only does CF Masonry pride the quality of their work, they also pride the quality of their relationships. The management team at CF Masonry is flexible, responsive, and always available for a conversation. If you work with CF Masonry, you’ll be sure to have a great experience!

What’s New on the Site

The new website features large images of notable projects with text that slides in effortlessly. The dynamic design sections off the front page into the essential pieces: first, the eye-catching header images. Next, an emphasis on experience followed by a caveat on the importance of safety. Finally, featured projects at the bottom of the page redirect attention back to the quality and notability of CF Masonry’s work. Tabs provide easily-accessible information about the company, their recent work, and how to contact them.

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