What You Need to Know to Improve Your Twitter Engagement

Twitter Engagement

Struggling with Twitter engagement? Try out these handy tips.

Determining the best way to increase your organic Twitter engagement can be difficult—after all, in contrast to other social media titans like Facebook, Twitter generally displays content in reverse chronological order depending on who you follow. Of course, that’s not only the case though—just like Facebook, Twitter uses a complex algorithm to promote certain kinds of content shaped to a user’s preferences. If a user tends to favorite more posts with videos in them, then it will prioritize whether or not users see that content. Here are some ways you can improve your engagement on Twitter.

Taking Advantage of Photos and Videos

Tweets that contain images or photos have far more replies, retweets, and favorites—causing even Twitter themselves to admit that “video is particularly effective for increasing engagement.” Polls and contests are the kinds of content that get noticed a lot more too. Sure, Twitter will typically only prioritize photos and videos for users who tend to like those kinds of things, but history has shown us that content containing multimedia tends to do better.

Using Twitter Analytics

Luckily, Twitter has its own analytics system built in. To develop the best approach towards Twitter, you’ll want to test, tweak and refine your approach as needed so you’re sure you are hitting your target audience. Monitor your analytics and take note of which tweets do best so you can start to get an understanding of what you’re doing right or wrong.

Thinking About Timing

At the end of the day, Twitter is all about getting the timing right. Because of its chronological nature, getting content up at the right time can be a huge factor in sharing your posts. Twitter’s algorithm will certainly boost content if it feels as though it’s valuable but that doesn’t negate the reverse chronological order of posting so always be sure you’re pushing content up at the right time!

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