Measuring your blog’s success

There are a lot of great blogging hints in this article, but we’d like to focus on the first one. It’s important to measure your blog’s marketing success, because, as the old saying goes, if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing. An important first step is making sure you know your blog’s purpose. The article mentions three different types of blogs, and each has a different measure of success.

Content blogging
This type of blogging focuses on topics and keywords that will improve the search engine rankings of the site. The ultimate goal is to drive more visitors to your Website, so you should look at your site’s traffic to measure success.

Commerce blogging
These blogs also endeavor to drive traffic to a Web site but are more squarely centered on specific products and services that will quickly convert into sales. To measure the success of these blogs, you’ll need to be able to track sales all the way back to blog posts.

Community blogging
This type of blog is a little more amorphous than the other two because it seeks to engage others in conversation and build participation. Measures aren’t as concrete, but you can look at the number of participants and their consistency in participating. The number of links to the blog from other sites can also help.

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