Managing Social Media Reviews Will Help Your Reputation


Responding to bad reviews diplomatically helps your online reputation.

The ability to produce and consume online content has created a culture of consumers with a big voice! Social media, specifically, gives the average joe the chance to blast their satisfaction/dissatisfaction with your company on public forums that reach millions. Seemingly slanderous, maintaining your online etiquette by strategically pruning through those bad reviews will keep your business’s web reputation shining. Today we’ll walk you through how to handle negative comments and social media reviews and why responding appropriately is vital to your success.

Responding Appropriately

Most online customer complaints come from those looking for guidance and assistance. They want their voice to be heard. When you appear as a helpful, concerned advisor who’s willing to listen and provide appropriate solutions they’re going to respond positively. The majority of complainers make great, long-term customers if dealt with diplomatically. Repair your wrongdoing or whatever has angered them, by actively listening and problem-solving with them. Troubleshooting goes a long way.

Know Your Audience

Separating those just looking for conflict from real customers can be difficult. You’ll need to determine if complaints are valid. If they’re relentlessly throwing profanity and sabotaging comments, deleting and banning is necessary. Understanding your audience is complicated, but if your company has made a mistake, you should always be courteous and seek solutions for them. Your online behavior is performance art! Don’t get caught reading lines from another scene, or forgetting them entirely! Understanding well-practiced online reputation pruning is essential to your company’s success.

Smooth Apologies

If something goes wrong and a customer’s satisfaction dips down, which is inevitable as a business owner, knowing the correct way to apologize will repair professional relationships. Simply stating that your company has been running smoothly for *insert seemingly high number here* years and that you apologize for not meeting their needs will position your marketing position above a real issue they’ve faced. This is very discouraging. Turning the conflict into a positive experience by responding with courtesy, concern and an incentive to return (gift cards etc.) will restore professional relationships and keep you looking respectable. 

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