What Makes a Good Facebook Post?


Creating the perfect Facebook posts may be essential to the success of your business, but how is it done?

Facebook is obviously a part of just about every compelling social media campaign. We all know it, use it, and love it, but that doesn’t mean that Facebook posts are easy to craft. In fact, capturing the perfect amount of information to make a post your audience cares about is a pretty difficult task to tackle. Let’s take a look at some of the elements of a successful Facebook post and what we at Adventure Web Interactive have noticed to work.

All in the Writing

Being a capable writer is the first step to being great at social media management. You’ll want to be able to craft clear and concise copy, demonstrating that you can pack a few ideas into one short bit of text. Try to keep your word count between 20 and 50 words. You also want to try to tease the content to your audience, as if to say, go directly to our link to find out more info! Driving traffic to your website in this way is one of the best things Facebook has to offer you.

Utilizing Visuals

You should try to lean on visual elements as much as you can. This doesn’t just mean stock images, but using things like video content, blog links, GIFs, and other media elements can help make you stand out a bit more. If you do end up working with videos, you may want to keep them on the shorter side; remember that your audience is just as busy as you are and that only a snippet of information may actually reach them.

Working the Algorithms

Each Facebook post is given a rating. This is based on who posted the story, how many interactions the post has, and when it was originally given. These all play into an algorithm that determines whether or not a user will be shown your post. If you want to use the algorithm to work for you, it’s important that you try new things. This may be something as simple as improving your headlines to rely less on clickbait marketing ideas. It could also mean being less promotional, as Facebook can pick up on those kinds of things and make them less of a priority.

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