3 Genius Tactics To Promote Your Blog Content On Facebook

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Using Facebook to help your business grow is easier than you think!

Have a business website with a blog? Looking to attract a larger audience to your company? Look no further than Facebook to promote your blog. However, there are some massive caveats to consider before abruptly posting to Facebook. There should always be a solid marketing and social media plan in place when it comes to a successful marketing campaign tailored to your particular industry. As a result, we have compiled some of the smartest ways you can start using Facebook to help benefit your business and bring in more customers organically.

Share Your Post On Facebook

First things first- you want to get your content out there so that it can be accessed quickly. All it takes is a simple blog post to have some customer engagement and interaction. Giving customers easy access to information regarding products or services that you provide is a brilliant way to keep them interested and have them wanting more. Organically, only sharing your post will reach approximately two-percent (2%) of the people that “like” your business page. While these are typically current customers, they now have the ability to share your post with all their friends. As a result, your brand awareness grows tremendously just with one share.

Boost Your Facebook Post

While organic attraction is important, getting the most out of a blog post is what businesses want. That is why promoting the post is sometimes a smart tool to use to attract a wider audience. This paid campaign function allows businesses to see how many people are clicking on their post. The number of clicks can provide some valuable insight as to how well that particular blog post is doing with customers.

Always Use Captivating Headlines

Ideally, whoever is writing the blog post understands the basics of copywriting. When it comes to captivating an audience on the web, a catchy headline becomes a necessity if you ever want someone to be interested in the article and click on it to read more.


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