Why Instagram Is An Effective Marketing Tool

InstagramThink about it. Anytime you watch an advertisement online or flip through channels on television you’re bombarded with a series of flashy images and short, succinct taglines. Commercials have become a combination of fleeting images with mesmerizing music and short sequences of the product itself. Billboards are gigantic pictures you catch glimpses of as they accompany you to your destination. Instead of highlighting a problem and presenting a product solution, much like marketing in the 1950s, we’re presented with images and aesthetics that attach consumerism to certain lifestyles. For example, to appeal to active, outdoorsy types, a commercial for hiking boots might present flashes of a young couple enjoying a camping trip together with smiles and roasted marshmallows, followed by a clip of sweat soaked endurance featuring both adventurously weaving through meadows, and thick forests, while fighting the odds of nature. Once or twice the advertisement shows the product itself, the sneakers. Our image-based culture actively works to make us identify heavily with the goods and products we consume. This is why, the popular social media application, instagramis such an effective marketing tool.

Images, Images, And More Images

Instagram is perfect for uploading ‘aesthetics’ that appeal to niche audiences. With the ability to create a profile for your company, and upload any images of your choosing, the flexibility is astounding. If you own a restaurant, using Instagram to upload photos of your best-selling dishes is extremely effective! Make people’s mouths water as you show them that lavish stuffed french toast dish everyone goes crazy for. If you’re a musical artist, use Instagram to give your fans a ‘day-in-the-life-of’ reel. It will help them get to know you. Do it strategically, appealing to your fan base audience’s consumer niches, and you’ll gain a lot of followers who will want to check out your music. With the flexibility to upload whatever images you want in order to appeal to a certain audience, Instagram is the perfect social media platform for today’s general shift towards image-based marketing practices.

Attach Yourself To A Cause

Social media marketing is a great way to show your potential customers who you are as a company. People are starting to care more and more about where their money goes. In today’s culture, responsible spending to lower our human impact is much more prevalent. By being responsible consumers, we feel better about purchasing products that are fair trade, organic, and GMO-free. On Instagram, you can attach yourself to a cause easily. Upload an image of your new eggs benedict featuring cage-free, organic, farm-raised eggs and our new culture will buy, buy and buy. Let everyone know you are a company that means well, and cares about your general impact on the world, and you will certainly increase sales.

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