Instagram is Adding a Stories Feature


Instagram, instagram stories Social media is an ever-changing field. There’s always something new and different to enjoy and experience. This time, Instagram is rolling out a new “Stories” feature that will allow you to share a short slide-show style video of your activities. Today we’re going to be talking a little bit about this new feature and what it means for the greater social media landscape. Let’s take a look.

What will the new Stories feature do within Instagram?

The stories feature on Instagram is quite reminiscent of the Snapchat story. It’s basically a snazzy little update that your friends can engage with or not. For the content creator, this is an opportunity to share the little moments with your friends and followers. Silly little things like eating lunch or finding a weird looking bird on the sidewalk don’t really deserve a spot on the actual Instagram feed, but they’re still fun to share. This is where the stories come in. You can create bite-sized content of little importance that will promptly disappear after a 24-hour period. For content consumers, this is a nice way to see into some of the more intimate moments of your favorite Instagram accounts. It’s also something that you can check in with periodically and briefly that won’t require hours of scrolling. It’s certainly an interesting offering.

What does this new feature say about the social media landscape?

At the heart of social media is a desire to connect. Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest of the social media sites offer this in spades. What does Kim Kardashian get up to when she’s lounging around the house? You can probably find out. What is your favorite band up to during their tour? It’s easy to know these things. Connection is at the heart of social media and Instagram’s new stories feature certainly lends itself to this end. You can now look into the quiet moments of your favorite accounts and enjoy their days with them.

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