Influencer Marketing in the Age of Instagram

Influencer marketing has become a hot topic lately. Ad blocking technology has become so popular that savvy marketers have to find new ways to get their products in the eyes of consumers. Around 10% of consumers use ad blockers and this number is constantly rising, so it’s becoming even more important to find new and innovative ways to connect with your audience. By working with content creators who already have massive followings on social media, businesses can connect directly with the demographics that they want to target.

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Influencer Marketing in the Age of Instagram

Influencer marketing connects with consumers on their terms

Influencer marketing is gaining traction on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Some of the top influencers have millions of followers and by working with creators who are established, a business gains credibility and access to a huge untapped market. As an added bonus, consumers are also far more likely to purchase a product that is endorsed by someone that they trust. So if you have a new t-shirt line you’d like to promote, finding a popular Instagram user who is willing to post a photo of themselves wearing one is an organic way to get it in front of the eyes of your target demographic. 

Video content is key

Video is becoming an increasingly important avenue for reaching social media consumers, but many businesses don’t have the capacity to independently create and manage a video production team. Influencer marketing can be an invaluable strategy for affordably adding video to your marketing program. And brands are starting to take note: It’s hard to know for sure how many are adding influencing marketing to their brand strategy, but some estimates show that  more than 60% of marketers plan on increasing their budgets for influencer marketing in the coming year.

Connecting with influencers is easier than ever

In the past, influencer marketing was a challenge because it required marketers to seek out influencers who would be a good fit for their brand, establish a relationship, vet the blogger/vlogger, and then manage the influencer marketing program. As more companies realize the value of influencer marketing, talent agencies are beginning to crop up that specifically work to create the right matches between influencers and brands, making it easier than ever to tap into this valuable marketing tool.

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