Why Your Website Should Incorporate Video

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Our video production services can help set your website apart. Here are the best reasons to incorporate video on your site today!

Here at Adventure Web Interactive, we offer local businesses all the tools they need to thrive in the internet age. From web design, to content writing, to mobile app development, our services can boost your online presence and net you more profit. Today, we’d like to aim the spotlight on one such service we feel all our clients should avail themselves of: video production. Here are a few benefits your business will enjoy if you incorporate video into its website!

Engage Your Audience

You’ve probably heard much talk about how our attention spans are shrinking. It’s certainly true that we have come to expect quick and easy access to information.

Most people would wager that it’s easier to watch a movie than to read a book. Simply pressing ‘play’ on a video requires far less of us than reading a wall of text. Textual content has plenty of benefits that video does not, but incorporating video into your website can certainly help to engage a broader audience.

Share Your Story

Text can tell a story, and video can too. But a majority of consumers have become more accustomed to narratives in the form of video rather than words on a page. A video will let viewers see the faces behind the scenes. Our video production services provide the perfect way for small businesses to share their story. There’s no better way than video to get your audience truly engaged in where you’re coming from.

Showcase Your Personality

We believe that words can be just as lively as they are powerful. Still, we acknowledge that there is a world of difference between words lying flat on a page and how they sound when spoken. Personality can shine through in a blog post, but it can be far more evident in a video.

Showcasing your personality should be one of the primary goals of your digital marketing strategy. People want to support businesses that stand apart from the crowd. Video production can help you demonstrate what makes you unique.

Leave an Impression

How visitors interact with your website is undeniably important. But the impression it leaves matters just as much. Living in 2021, we’ve all encountered hundreds—maybe thousands—of websites over the course of our lives. Most of them quickly fade from our memory. But the few that leave an impression on us have incorporated video.

With our video production services, you can join the ranks of the most memorable sites on the web.

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