Improving Your Digital Marketing Strategy

ADVP Digital Marketing StrategyGetting found and noticed in the vastness of the internet can be incredibly difficult. This is especially true if you are competing with established companies, or if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of content posted. There are important strategies you can employ at any point in your marketing journey to improve your digital marketing strategy and increase your brand awareness online.

Know Your Audience

The foundation of your brand’s marketing strategy is knowing your audience. You need to know who you’re talking to so you can know how to talk to them. Determining your audience’s age range as well as gender, race, and lifestyle demographics, along with other important factors will form the basis of your company’s voice and tone. You can even use your audience data to create a relatable company persona that helps your digital presence talk to them on their level.

Keep It Real

Authenticity is important to all audiences. People don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a faceless corporation. Small businesses have the advantage of not being one of these and having the ability to be real with their audience. You can give glimpses behind the scenes, and talk about real issues that affect your industry while mentioning how your business manages these issues and stays reputable. You can talk directly to your audience about the issues your product alleviates, too. Bringing in humor and real conversation can go a long way for your digital marketing strategy.


It’s a great idea to check out your competition, but it’s a bad idea to mimic them. Don’t become a parrot. Take the existing marketing strategies and innovate with them, take them a step further. Find new and interesting ways to put a fresh spin on a new idea and create a unique brand voice that stands out against your competitors. This will increase your brand recognition and engagement as you create a more interesting marketing campaign than similar companies.

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