How To Use A Blog As A Successful Business Strategy

Does your company have a business blog or looking to start a business blog? If yes, we are here to help you have a successful blog that will bring you leads and turn those leads into loyal customers. Read below to get some tips on creating a successful blog with strong content.

Recent research suggests that blogging is here to stay in the business world and beyond. Just like the powerful tools of social media, blogging is steadily increasing in numbers and influence. As of December 2011 BlogPulse has discovered that there are over 178 million active blogs. In 2004, there were only 3 million blogs.

Here are the most actively used types of blogging:


The hobbyist is a blogger that blogs for fun and makes no income off of blogging. This is the average consumer.

Professional Part-time

This type of blogger uses a blog to bring in extra personal income. The blogger discusses personal beliefs and talks about technology.

Professional Full-time

This is a blogger who makes a living solely from blogging. They accomplish this by doing freelance writing.


Companies use this type of blogging to promote products and services, while assisting blog readers with tips, steps or advice.

Most bloggers are between the ages 25 to 44 years of age. They are often highly educated and self-driven individuals.

To be successful in the blogging industry you must be current and innovative. Blogs should be posted on a weekly basis to increase the potential of having a loyal following. When you do not have a blog or you do not post on a weekly basis, you are losing out on valuable search engine optimization.

What Can Blogging do for You?

A blog can help your company increase its brand value to consumers. When you blog about why your products and services are the best in your industry, bloggers will pay attention to your business. If they really enjoy your products and services, bloggers will help you promote your products and services simply because they like what you offer. It is a known fact that more than 65% of bloggers follow brands on social media and they are very loyal in support to those brands.

Blogs Build Trust

Another great reason to start a blog is that consumers trust blogs more than advertisements. Why do consumers trust blog? They trust blogs because blogs are recommended information by friends and family. In fact, consumers will trust a blog more than anything else when it comes to social networks.

Where are blogs most likely to be shared?

Most people that read blogs will predominately share the information from blogs on email and on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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