How to Safely Secure Your Social Accounts from Hackers

How to Safely Secure Your Social Accounts from HackersIn today’s world, social media accounts are essential for personal as well as business needs. Whether it’s in the form of managing your social business pages, YouTube accounts, or your website. It’s not shocking that every year thousands of people’s social accounts get hacked, and they lose all of their hard-earned followers and data. Nobody wants to lose their social media accounts that they worked so hard to build. But the question is: how can I safely secure my social accounts from hackers? Here’s a few tips on how you can make it very hard for hackers to hack into your accounts.

Do Not Click on Odd Links

You might receive a link from somebody saying to go there and “earn income” or “get free followers fast. Something along those lines – and chances are those links might be a phishing link. A phishing attack is a hacking attempt where someone sends you a message or email that contains a harmful attachment or hyperlink. The hacker goal with these types of messages is to trick you visiting a website posing as something legitimate. Once you enter your confidential data, the hacker then has control of it. Be careful if you receive these messages on your social accounts.

Create Strong Passwords

A large chunk of cybersecurity attacks are because of a weak or stolen password. That is why choosing a secure password is wise. Create a password with at least six characters, a combination of symbols, numbers, and letters, as well as uppercase and lowercase letters. Make sure to write your passwords in a physical book or a trusted password manager.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Enabling two-factor authentication, or otherwise known as 2FA, is one of the best and more secure ways to protect your social accounts. Its one of the most secure methods of protection because even if someone knows your account password, they still have to input a PIN as well before being granted access. Almost all big social media platforms have a two-factor authentication feature because they know just how important it is.

Be Cautious When Using Third-Party Applications

How often do you see those “Log in with Facebook” or “Login in With Google” options when you’re making a new account? Probably very often. But remember to do your research before using any applications or websites that require login with these two options or any other social account login option.

Make sure to be extra careful when managing multiple social accounts online. It can be a dangerous operation if you do not take the proper steps to protect your data and content.

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