How To Internally Promote Your Social Media Pages For Business Success

Social media platforms are an excellent way to market your business and reach your target market.   For your social media campaign to be successful, you must be engaging offline and online. Your business must spend time and effort in converting social media followers into customers. Here are 10 ways you can turn your social media fans into loyal, paying customers.

Make Available Tangible Corporate Literature

Be sure your business literature handed to clients, potential clients and customers mention your website address and social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some great literature pieces you can insert your website and social media accounts on:

Ø Business Cards

Ø Letterhead

Ø Envelopes

Ø Faxes

Ø Invoices

Ø Emails

Insert Your Social Media Pages on Marketing Materials

Your website and your social media platforms will become the first place your customers look for information about your company, products and services. To make sure the news about your website and social media platforms are widely known, include your contact information on the following marketing materials:

Ø Brochures

Ø Newsletters

Ø Flyers

Send Out Promotional Items and Have Giveaways

Many social media users enjoy receiving free gifts. Your company can use promotional material to promote your website and brand. Here are examples of inexpensive promotional items:


Ø Mugs

Ø Calendars

You can give these items out offline and online on your social media platforms.

Create Company Apparel

A great way to promote your company is to get yourself and other people to wear your brand. Here are promotional apparels you can use:

Ø T-Shirts

Ø Polos

Ø Hats

You can insert your company’s web address and social media platforms on the apparel. You can also have a company motto on the apparel as well.


Be sure to place advertisement on the radio, television and online. Using these channels can be a great way to broadcast your social media presence and website to your target market.


If you provide a service that will naturally use signage, then use your signage to display your social media accounts and website. Make sure you use large lettering on the signage when displaying your social media venues. When you use signage, you give potential customers and clients the opportunity to see what type of service and products you provide. This will make them more inclined to be interested in your business and to visit your website and social media platforms to learn more about your business.

Talk that Talk

Make sure you do social networking both online and offline. Word mouth is crucial for business success. Talk about your business and website with anyone that will listen – friends, family and customers.

Spread Around Your Blog Post

Having a company blog is a great promotional tool. When you consistently make your blog informative, you will grow your reputation as being a reliable expert in your field to potential clients and customers. Be sure all postings include your website address at the end of each article. You can also send by email or print your blog post for friends.

Send Out Press Releases

When sending out press releases, be sure that your website address and social media accounts are included in the section about your company. The about the company section should be on every press release for potential customers and a resource for the media.

Include Your Online Presence on your Products

If you are a product-based company, make sure you promote your web address and social media platforms on your products. It can be on the packaging of your products or the actual product.

Start promoting your business, website and social media platforms today. With this mix of online and offline promotions, your business is on its way to reaching the full potential of your target marketing and business profitability.

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