adventure web interactive linkedin posting services

How to Enhance Your Company’s LinkedIn Presence

adventure web interactive linkedin posting services

LinkedIn is a special type of social media, perfect for gaining your company professional exposure to other potential peers and colleagues!

LinkedIn is a special social media platform that is intended for business-to-business communication. It’s a place where people present their professional accomplishments, career changes, and companies look for the most skilled candidates to fill positions. This career-oriented platform functions very differently from the average social media website, as well as the marketing that goes along with it, as it is mainly focused on actual business plans rather than branding or content marketing alone. But LinkedIn is absolutely essential to any business, especially those that are B2B centered. It’s important to know that marketing works very differently on LinkedIn than on any other social media website simply due to the overall user-base. Thankfully, Adventure Web Interactive offers a social media blogging service and can handle the majority of social media posting on LinkedIn for you. However, there are even more ways that you can get your business out there on LinkedIn in addition to our blogging services. Read this to learn how to use LinkedIn to its full potential!

Use the LinkedIn Algorithm

One essential feature of LinkedIn is your and your company’s connections. Connections are usually people that have some sort of link to your company for whatever reason, whether they are a previous employee, a family friend, or someone who attended your alma mater and graduated in the same major as you. The more active you and your company are on LinkedIn, the better chance you will have at hitting the automated algorithm’s sweet spots to make your company appear first to job seekers, new customer leads, or potential business partners. 

How Do I Stand Out in LinkedIn Search Results?

The general rule of thumb is, the more active you and your company’s page are, the better it will rank when recommending to potential connections. The algorithm works almost like an Internet Browser cookie, where it tracks and accumulates data you post, hashtags you follow, connections you have accepted, and then recommends other potential business leads and connections that have needs your company can fulfill. Luckily, our standard blogging service will post once a week for you on your behalf with specially curated SEO content, so your page will be consistently active. However, it doesn’t hurt to join relevant industry-related groups, interact with connections, and follow relevant hashtags to further increase your company’s presence. 


In short, making sure you’re an active LinkedIn user is key to finding the best, most qualified business or hiring leads. Using Adventure Web Interactive’s social media posting service in addition to your web design can help your company rank on LinkedIn and increase its presence!

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