How to choose a Web site designer

Whenever you look up criteria for choosing a contractor, you see the same things over and over:  Find out how much experience they have, get references, and check their credentials.  When if comes to choosing a Web site designer, these are easy tasks.  A designer’s work and clients are out there on the Web for all to see.  So what else can you use to pick the right designer?  Here are some ideas.

  • Pay attention to features and content discussions.  If the designer talks more about site aesthetics and various Web bells and whistles than features that will drive more traffic to your site and help you make sales, you may wind up paying too much for a site that doesn’t function well for all.
  • Try to get an idea of the designer’s workload.  If you have a target go-live date, bring that up early and see how the designer responds.  By the same token, if you know you’ll have a lot of revisions, discuss that up front.
  • Have some face-to-face meetings and meet the team.  You’ll be working a lot with these people, so make sure your personalities jibe.  If you wind up butting heads, the process will take longer which will cost you more money.  You probably will not get the best work either.

At Adventure Web, our focus is on functional Web sites, search engine optimization, and multimedia – elements that help grow your business.  We can accommodate clients with a short turnaround time as well as those who want to take a lot of time to make sure their site is absolutely perfect.  Contact us to learn how we can design a great site for you.