How Pinterest Can Effectively Market Your Small Business

Pinterest for business marketing

TD Bank made a series called “Our Littlest Bankers” that blew up in popularity on Pinterest. That’s some creative marketing!

Pinterest has 100 million active users, 85% of which are “Millenial Moms”, or women between the ages of 15-29. If this is your target demographic, then you definitely want to start using Pinterest. Here are some tips for managing your Pinterest account to draw in new clients to your business.

Know How to Market Your Content

Pinterest is a great tool for small businesses, but it’s not going to do anything for you if you aren’t actively shaping your content to cater to your audience. The website is known for harboring a lot of visual content on the topics of food, fashion, beauty, crafts, and decor. If your business sells products or services that have to do with these topics, then Pinterest is the right place to establish an internet presence. If your business does not fall under any of these topics, do not despair! Many businesses have found success by creatively shaping their content to appeal to the Pinterest audience. For example, TD Bank found great success gathering a large Pinterest following. How was a bank able to get teens and young adults interesting in their banking pins? They created a series called “Our Littlest Bankers”, where they posted pictures of adorable babies dressed up in office clothes and “training to be bankers”. The gimmick caught the attention of the Millenial Mom crowd, and the bank soon gathered a large and active following.

Organize and Categorize

Rather than posting in chronological order like Facebook, Pinterest has a system of organizing content by categories. It’s a good idea to make several boards based on different products, services, etc. that your business offers. This makes it easy to browse through your content by subject. Plus, users can find boards that capture their particular interest and browse through them for things to pin.

Establish a Posting Schedule

If you have a following on Pinterest, you don’t want to overwhelm them by pinning constantly. Likewise, you don’t want them to forget about you by not pinning enough. Stick to a schedule and pay attention to how your audience reacts. You can increase or decrease the frequency of your pins after gauging audience reactions.

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