Google, Verizon tackle Internet regulation

Last week, Google and Verizon issued a proposal for the public in general and lawmakers in particular to consider as they think about and discuss internet regulation.  As outlined in this RTTNews article, the proposal suggests ways of minimizing government intervention while promoting consumer protection, non-discrimination, transparency, and network management.

Google and Verizon envision a largely sefl-regulating arrangement among service providers which would maintain and possibly even advance the freedom and openness that makes the Internet so successful.  Service providers would not show favoritism toward any lawful applications or content providers, allowing consumers access to the content and services they wish.  Under the proposed arrangement, the FCC would step in only to adjudicate any customer protection and non-discrimination issues.

There are many facets to this proposal, many of which are not always easy to understand.  Coming internet giants, Google and Verizon, they will surely carry a lot of weight.  It will be interesting to see how other providers and government entities will respond.  It’s a development that definitely bears watching.