Why Your Facebook Videos Should Be Optimized For Silent Playback

Facebook Videos

Facebook videos are always better off if they’re optimized for silent playback, but it isn’t all that simple.

Facebook gets over a billion views on videos every single day. That’s a huge market for getting your name out there but as with most things in marketing, you need to separate yourself from the pack. Understanding how to make a great Facebook video is the first part of that—knowing what the fundamentals are allows you to worry less about the format and more about the content. Facebook videos perform best if they’re able to be understood and enjoyed with silent playback—but why is that the case?

Why Silent?

For a while, Facebook would autoplay all videos silently on mobile devices. That era has gone and left but users still tend to prefer videos that don’t have audio. Think about how and when Facebook videos are enjoyed. These videos are usually watched in downtime in between doing something else, like while waiting for a meeting, in-between study sessions, or in any other situation where having loud noises  come from your phone or laptop would be inadvisable.

Planning Accordingly

Before you even begin producing a video, you need to keep silent playback optimization in mind. This means thinking of a story that can be told with minimal language, as that requires less work on the part of the viewer. If you do need to add language, think about what the best way to do so would be. This can be through the use of captions, subtitles, title cards, or whatever other kind of text you think adds enough to keep your point intact. This allows a bit more creativity while still catering to the format that works best on Facebook.

The Right Approach

When it comes to optimizing for silent playback, striking visuals are always the focal point of your approach. Just remember that many of the people watching the video may be doing so on a small screen like that of their mobile device, so always design something simple yet attractive. Remember that despite being optimized for silent playback, you still do want sound should users opt to listen in, so include music or some sound effects.

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