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Everything to Know About SEO

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SEO is many different elements of digital marketing combined into one!

If you aren’t a super tech-savvy kind of person, a lot of digital marketing lingo may fall on deaf ears. After all, if you aren’t “Internet Fluent” from a young age, learning all the new terms is similar to learning a new language. One very crucial part of the digital marketing scope that you’ll hear often is “SEO.” To someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about the world of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, SEO might just seem like another confusing acronym to memorize. However, SEO is very much worth learning about since it actually plays a huge role in marketing your company on the web. Adventure Web Interactive’s web development and blogging services both incorporate elements of SEO to help your business grow. Learn all about the world of SEO in this helpful blog brought to you by the SEO experts at Adventure Web Interactive!

What is SEO?

SEO is a simple acronym that stands for search engine optimization. Search engine refers to any sort of website that allows a person to look for something they need on the internet. The most notable and widely used search engine is Google. Unfortunately, search engines have a bit of a hierarchy. On the surface, most search engines require payment to them directly to have “sponsored posts” appear as the very first listing when searching for a term. However, this is normally incredibly expensive, and larger corporations usually take this spot, leaving little room for local small businesses. However, if you are good at working with SEO, you may actually be able to bypass the sponsored posts for little to no extra cost, making sure your company website will be seen by people searching for a local business or service. 

Optimizing your Website

The way SEO primarily works is by being hidden in plain sight through the use of keywords. SEO-related keywords can be discovered through a process known as “SEO auditing.” This essentially finds previous words or terms people have used to find your company website and to make sure they are used over and over in your website’s various texts and coding so that they can find it again. SEO is then inserted into your website via blog titles, meta tags (something picked up by Internet cookies search engines use,) internal linkbacks to other web pages, and many, many more. If done well, the SEO will not stand out on the actual webpage and not affect design. But, it will help your website rank when the keyword is searched, so you’ll gain a lot more exposure. 

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