Do You Own a Small Business? Here’s Why You Have Social Media Marketing Advantages

A small business or locally-owned business has the heart and character that a large firm could never have. The advantages of owning a small business spread into the realm of social media as well. It all boils down to engagement. Locally-owned companies can easily connect with their customer base and build an intimate, close-knit community. Social media is one of the best ways to spread awareness of your brand. In this case, the little guy can win. If you own a small business, keep reading!  Here is why you have social media marketing advantages over the big guy.

1) Small Business Care About Individuals and Their Community

Owning a company with fewer employees gives you the time to focus on your community. It also gives you the time to partner with other companies in your area in a marketing strategy called business to business or B2B. The advantage of any business connecting with customers online is that you can reply to them in a timely, personalized fashion. However, with a larger firm, it may take a significant amount of time. A smaller company tends to have quicker response times. Want to increase customer engagement? For the customers who have given positive feedback, ask them to post a picture of your products to provide other potential customers with a realistic view of what your business offers.

2) Advertising Via Social Media is Relatively Cheap

Social media is free. If you have a strong enough following, you may not have to pay for advertisement. However, if you want a specific post to reach a broader audience, it doesn’t cost a lot to “boost” it. On Facebook, boosting a post only costs $30. It doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars because small businesses don’t have to stress over national advertisements. Also, if you know your audience and have a rapport with them, then they may feel inclined to share posts and provide positive comments.

3) Genuineness

The personalized attention that locally-owned businesses can give to customers over the phone or face-to-face applies to social media. Large firms often provide the same scripted responses. However, a small business can provide candid, genuine answers. This concept works online as well as physically and over the phone. Nothing is more significant than being able to provide customers with a thorough, in-depth conversation that shows you genuinely care about their inquiries. If you’re the little guy or the underdog, then you can still win.

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