Engaging Copywriting Tips for a Post-Pandemic World 

In a post-pandemic world, engaging and compelling copywriting matters now more than ever. The pandemic has changed how people interact with each other and marketing messages. Many of the messages we saw were fear-based in 2020 and 2021. While fear-based messaging can still persuade someone to take action, it’s time to switch to positive messages. Here are engaging copywriting tips for a post-pandemic world.

Adventure Web Interactive Copywriting TipsThe Best Copywriting Always Keeps its Audience in Mind 


The best content addresses the following questions: 

  • Who is my target audience? (Although your audience is broad, a piece always wants to speak in a personal tone as if talking to one person) 
  • What problem can I help them solve?
  • What inconveniences does this problem create for them? 

For example, if your company is a landscaping company that specializes in irrigation solutions, you most likely want to target middle-aged homemakers. One of their issues could be that they don’t have time or energy to cater to their lawn. Therefore, a blog about an irrigation system would be ideal because you can set irrigation systems to water the lawn at designated times. Furthermore, the inconveniences of an unwatered landscape could be weed growth, brown grass, or a slew of other issues. While this content could take a negative tone, there are many ways to ensure that it’s positive and uplifting. 

Direct the Reader Towards Achieving Something 


All copywriting should answer the question “What do I gain from this?” or “What will I achieve?” This objective is to paint a picture of the best experience utilizing one of your products or services. In the lawn irrigation example, a homeowner could achieve the flexibility to go on vacation or do other fun tasks versus worrying about if their lawn has enough moisture. Furthermore, mentioning “vacation” or alternative activities to watering the lawn assumes a positive tone. 

Supply a Call-to-Action (CTA) 


In the best-case scenario, a reader will read content all the way through, feel convinced that your services or products are worthwhile, and make a purchase. A CTA at the end of your content prompting your potential patron to contact you or schedule an appointment will get you one step closer to landing a sale (and hopefully a loyal customer). 

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