Content Writing vs. Copywriting

Content Writing vs. CopywritingMarketing today means going into the digital world to convert casual searchers into loyal customers. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of marketing tools, many of which involve writing. For a successful digital marketing campaign, you will want to make use of the two main categories: content writing and copywriting. To many, this can be a murky topic. Here’s the difference between content writing vs. copywriting.

Content Writing

The key factor that makes content writing and copywriting different is in their goals. The goal of content writing is to provide information that is valuable to the viewer. This information should be related to the business writing it, and should give the viewer the awareness that your brand exists and provides a product or service in this arena. The content can provide information on a related product or service, or give information on the business itself. Content writing allows the searcher to get valuable information that could lead to a sale for you.


Copywriting aims to persuade. It provides information with the goal of getting your viewers to take action now. The text, called copy, will typically have a call to action (CTA) at the bottom urging readers to contact your business. The copy might aim to persuade your audience why it should choose your product over another, or why to choose your business over others. The information it provides will always encourage readers to act now. Examples include promotional emails, online ads, and blogs.

The Crossover

There is some crossover between content writing and copywriting. Blogs, email campaigns, sales pages, social media copy, and videos may serve either purpose. Both make use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to enhance how searchable that particular page is. In some cases, content writing and copywriting may contain elements both informational and commercial. 

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