Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media MarketingSocial media provides the ideal way for most businesses to market themselves and expand their audience. Through different platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, you are able to reach out to new people, share interesting content with them, and develop strong relationships that end up translating into sales and customer loyalty. But with so many options available to you in the way of social media marketing, there are equally as many ways it can go wrong if you do not know how to properly handle it!  Luckily, Adventure Web is here to guide you through the process and help you learn how to avoid these common social media blunders.

Pages vs. Profiles

Social media platforms often have a variety of choices for the kind of account you can create. On Facebook, for example, you are probably most familiar with a profile- that’s what an individual uses as their own personal account and their friends have access to. But for your business, a profile is not all that useful. What you will create instead is a page; a page can contain all of the information about your company, pictures of products or events, and lists of additional contact information, such as the link to your website or email. Instead of “friends,” a page gets “likes,” effectively making the people who “like” your page your followers, and they will see all of your latest posts in their newsfeed.

What’s in a Name?

When you visit certain social media sites, like Twitter for instance, you’ll notice that many users have unique, clever, or even “cutesy” names associated with their account. But your primary purpose in using social media is to market your business, and so identifying yourself as your business is key. Keep your account usernames professional; you can abbreviate if your company’s name is a long one, but be sure that followers will be able to easily search for your business and recognize the accounts as your own.

Copywriting Copycats

One of the biggest things to avoid when it comes to social media marketing is duplicate content. Even if your business provides a similar service as another company, using their copy can a) lead to copyright infringement and b) hurt your SEO. Make sure that all of the text used for your various platforms is original and one-of-a-kind; this will help your site rank well in search engine results!

The best way to avoid all of the above is to trust your social media to the experts. Adventure Web is well-versed in social media marketing and can help your business optimize these popular platforms to the fullest!

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