4 Tips to Reduce a High Bounce Rate on Your Website

Bounce Rate

If your site’s bounce rate is too high, consider looking into these factors.

The bounce rate on the particular landing pages of your website indicates the percentage of visitors who landed on your site then left without visiting any other pages on it. A high bounce rate might be a cause for concern, but don’t jump to any conclusions right off the bat. A high bounce rate indicates how someone interacted with your page, but by itself, it doesn’t provide the full story. Use these tips to help reduce a high bounce rate on your website.

1. Make Sure the Site is Mobile-Friendly

Making sure the pages on your site are mobile-friendly is one of the most important steps you can take right now. More searches are being performed on mobile devices than on desktop computers. If your site isn’t as engaging and user-friendly on a mobile device as it is on a desktop, your bounce rate will skyrocket. Tailor the mobile version of your website with these points in mind and you should see a drop in one-and-dones.

2. Check Bounce Rate from Different Sources

Your page may have a significantly higher bounce rate from traffic accessing it from social media sources than through search or email marketing traffic. This information can help you address issues at that particular source. In this instance, you may want to examine the messaging you are using on your social channels. If the message on your web page isn’t consistent with the message on your social post, it may cause users to bounce.

3. Reduce Distractions that Disrupt the User Experience

Distractions such as pop-ups can not only turn your site visitors away from your content but also, thanks to Google’s Intrusive Interstitial update, can result in lowering your search ranking. Some pop-ups are good provided they add to the overall user experience, but a high bounce rate should make you take a closer look to see if yours are actually detracting from the UE.

4. Ensure Your Content Covers the Keywords Sufficiently

Matching the content of your page to your keyword intent is critically important for your bounce rate and your credibility. Organic search traffic will be expecting the content on your web page to match the keywords they searched for, so make sure the content aligns with these keywords.

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