Building A Better Brand With Human-Centered Design


Building a brand requires careful consideration towards what your target audience wants and needs.

Creating a brand in an already saturated market can be very challenging.  These days, the branding challenge is compounded by the fact that the number of places that a business can be slandered has risen. As a result, companies are now searching for ways to engage with their customers and create positive customer relationships. Brand awareness continues to play a significant role in getting customers to engage with businesses. Here are some of the reasons why it is becoming significantly more difficult for brands to connect with their customers.

Creating Authentic Content Requires Time

These days, people can spot advertising jargon from a mile away. The average consumer has become immune to the traditional ads of the past. Now, customers are looking for more personal features. A curated approach to content is what the consumers are asking for. Delivering these results, however, takes significantly more time.

Visual Branding Is Increasingly Important

Thinking about design is essential for your business to get the attention of your core demographic. Making your target audience to notice your brand is becoming more and more difficult. Research has shown that eighty-one percent (81%) of consumers are doing research before doing business with specific businesses. As a result, significantly more and more people are engaging with brands for the first time online. This means that visuals are more important than ever before.

Social Media Has Shortened Attention Spans

For the most part, consumers are looking at brands for a total of two (2) seconds. Brands have literally two (2) seconds to catch the attention of consumers. This is a big hurdle facing businesses. Since people are no longer concerned with excessive verbiage, visuals are becoming increasingly more important.

Consumers Expect Authentic Branding

For a long time now, we have known that millennials are changing the marketing and advertising landscape. Now, we see that millennials, who make up a significant portion of the consumer market are expecting authentic branding from businesses that they engage with.

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