Branding 101: Avoid These Common Brand Research Mistakes

For the most part, brand strategists have a unique and innovative role within a business. They tend to conduct lots of research to find creative ways to effectively and efficiently market their business. While researching, there are still inevitable mistakes people can make — because it’s usually quite tedious to conduct any type of research, especially branding research. Ultimately, finding the best ways to get the most helpful and valuable insight from customers, clients, and other similar businesses can be super beneficial when strategizing for a brand’s marketing campaigns. Here are some of the most common mistakes you can make when researching a brand and how to avoid these pitfalls.

ADVP-BRAND-RESEARCHA Partner Is Vital For Brand Research


More often than not, brands will want to try to conduct research on their own — to no success. Many reputable and professional research companies can help your brand thrive and gain some constructive insight. In reality, a poorly designed survey doesn’t get the answers you are looking for. Finding a professional service to partner with can be one of the best investments for your marketing research budget. Ultimately, certain specific surveys can be done in-house. Still, there might be more general types that could use the assistance of a professional — knowing the difference is what the professionals are there to help you with. 

Using Bias Language


Being biased is a tried and true mistake among brands when conducting research. Market researchers are experienced with drafting questions that help you avoid bias — and provide you with reputable insight. The reality is that there are many different ways to phrase a question — and making sure you communicate your surveys in such a way as to avoid any potential bias is vital for the results to be effective. 

If you are serious about getting objective results from your survey, then turning to professionals might be your best bet. You will surely want to contact a professional market research company to help guide you to conduct surveys that will provide you with results you can use for whatever strategies you need — whether in marketing or even as a business in general regarding growth. 

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