Adventure Web Productions Launches New Website: Lighting and Maintenance Solutions

lighting and maintenance solutions

Lighting and Maintenance Solutions is a young company that is ready to be the best in the commercial lighting business! The employee-run company is achieving rapid growth and is on its way to being entirely self-sufficient. The employee-run aspect of the company is an important one to management and everyone involved. Employees are an integral part of the company and Lighting and Maintenance Solutions makes sure that the whole team knows it. They operate by the belief that the stronger the team is, the better the customer service will be. As a company that is ready for your call 24 hours per day, this principle is important.

Their mission is to provide superior lighting for life. They offer a ten-year service guarantee against breakage, flickering, fading, blackening, and nearly any other damage your lighting sustains. The great part about their service agreement is that it’s offered at no extra cost to the customer.

Lighting and Maintenance Solutions offers eco-friendly and green lighting options as well as cleaners and degreasers. Though the products are good for the environment, it does not mean that they are any less effective. Lighting and Maintenance Solutions pride themselves on only using the best and most green products that they can find. Next on the list is branching out into LED lighting to add another highly efficient light source to the brand. Currently, they offer CFL, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting solutions for outdoors, indoors, stadiums, warehouses, and more.

For more information about Lighting and Maintenance Solutions or to see the new site, visit http://www.lightingandmaintenancesolutions.com.

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