Adventure Web Productions Launches New Site: Mojo Art & Image


MoJo Art & Image asks the important question: What is MoJo anyway? MoJo is how you communicate who you are and MoJo Art & Image can help you find that mode of communication. Founded in January of 2013, Mojo Art & Image is a Baltimore based company that specializes in automatic and manual screen-printing, color separating, and embroidery. The company philosophy is based on customer service.  MoJo knows the importance of giving a company a great aesthetic appeal and helping them look good to their customer base.

Many services are offered through MoJo. Their screen-printing employees have over 50 years of combined experience and can churn out over 10,000 quality shirts in a day. They pride themselves on using the highest quality machines and being able to produce up to 14 colors. MoJo also offers embroidery on many different surfaces including, but certainly not limited to, hoodies, jackets, polos, blankets and bags. After getting to know your company, MoJo will suggest some promotional products that they think will work the best for you specifically. Since they have access to over 800,000 types of promotional products, they are sure to find something that works for your company’s marketing strategy.  Fulfilling and running online stores is another of their great services. MoJo is a multi-faceted company that will help your company find its personal style.

To see the new website, please visit www.getmoremojo.com

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