Adventure Web educates youth

Adventure Web’s own Gina Ramsey spoke this week to approximately 250 sixth and seventh graders at Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women. Gina was invited to speak at the charter school on the topic of safety and security on the Internet.

“There are so many dangers online to young people especially young women,” Gina said. “There’s no escaping the Internet, but there’s a way to be online and still be safe.”

Gina warned the students about the dangers of bullying and need to be careful about what they post online. “Once it’s out there, it never goes away, so they need to be careful about what they put out there.”

The Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women is modeled on a similar school in East Harlem, NY, that focuses on student-centered learning, collaboration, and formative assessment. The college preparatory school, which currently serves sixth and seventh grades, will eventually grow to no more than 560 students in grades six-12.

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