How to Adapt Your Marketing Messages to Changing COVID-19 Restrictions

awi how to adapt marketing messages

Follow these tips for shifting your marketing messages as COVID-19 restrictions change.

Marketers have had to be highly adaptable in the past few months, changing their strategies to fit the current response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to adapt quickly and be flexible in your marketing strategies is a valuable skill that will continue to benefit you. As COVID-19 restrictions lift and change in various parts of the country, it is essential to begin shifting your marketing messages today. You can execute a smooth marketing shift by focusing on the following five key planning points. 

Continue to Meet Customers’ Needs with Compassion 

Many customers are still anxious about exposure to COVID-19 and want to know that their favorite businesses are doing what they can to keep their employees and customers safe. You will want to do everything you can to communicate how you are going the extra mile for them and your employees during this time.

Continue to keep your customer care options and flexible payment assistance plans in place, and communicate this. If possible, communicate these new marketing messages via advertisements or through social media posts that stress your ongoing commitment to cleanliness, social distancing, and contact-free service. This will put your clientele at ease and solidify the trust between your business and its audience. 

Move Slowly

The economy is not going to flip back to pre-pandemic operations like a flick of a light switch. You should plan to update your marketing messages as conditions change and stay flexible in all areas of your business. Now is an excellent time to use social listening tools to know what your audience wants and what messages they are responding to. 

Begin to Shift Your Message Carefully

It is okay to begin weaving new product information into your marketing messages after people get back on their feet a bit. Still, you should continue to focus your primary attention on the practical necessities you offer. Frivolous, impulse items or expensive products are not going to feel appropriate to most consumers right now. 

You should also lower your profit expectations accordingly. Understanding that your audience is not going to be spending as they were before will help you be realistic about your profit goals. 

Adjust Your Technology Strategy

As people’s daily habits have changed, so have their social media habits. It is vital to discover how people are using social platforms and how they are engaging with advertising. Then, you can adjust your marketing messages accordingly to reach your target audience best.

Embrace Customer Discounts 

You can help keep your customers’ loyalty by giving them incentives to spend as painlessly as possible. By offering promo codes, BOGO specials, and percentage-off deals, you can excite your clientele looking to save money. By adapting your strategies to your customers’ needs, you will maintain a loyal and appreciative customer base through and after pandemic restrictions. 

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