6 Types Of Retweets That Help You Get Discovered On Twitter

Are looking to drive traffic to your business by using Twitter? If yes, we are here to help by providing six types of retweets on Twitter that can give you business leads.

Friend Retweet

Retweet your friends and they will retweet(RT) your articles and advertisement. Most friends will retweet (RT) your tweets because you are a friend. Make sure the person you request to retweet (RT) your tweets is not someone you never interact with online or offline. People will also not retweet (RT) you unless they like or agree with your content. Make sure your content is not copied or unoriginal.

Retweet Button Retweets

Many Twitter users enjoy retweeting using the retweet (RT) button on Twitter. This is a great button to use because it prevents tweets from being too long and it keeps Twitter handles intact. The retweet button (RT) goes a long way because you can add comments to it to keep discussions going.

People Retweet Because the Title Sounds Cool or Informative

Make sure the titles to your content sound good and interesting. Most Twitter users tweet from their mobile devices. They are scrolling their timelines for something informative or entertaining. This is when they have the potential to retweet (RT) a tweet or more without reading the actual post. This action can spread awareness about your business because people will eventually read the content.

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