6 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Web Design

conceptual keyboard with button to simplify your web design

Simplifying your web design is easy as the push of a button!

Simplicity is the key to a sleek, user-friendly website. Cutting down on extraneous elements can make your website easier to navigate and more appealing to the eye. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to cut and what to keep. Here are a few easy tips from the pros on how to simplify your web design.

Identify the Most Important Elements

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to gloss over this important step. Many websites have the most important information about their company on the homepage, jumbled with lots of unimportant features, like Twitter feeds, distracting images, and outdated ads. Identify the bare minimum that you want clients to see when they land on your website and get rid of any other clutter.

Use the 80/20 Rule

Generally, 20% of your website content will lead towards 80% of your site’s value. What brings the most value to your site? Is it your online store? Or your signup forms? Putting these features front and center and eliminating or redistributing other elements can provide the user with a distraction-free page where they won’t be tempted to click away from that item that is on sale or that signup form that they’re hovering the cursor over.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Elements

Now that you know what elements are the most important on your website, it’s time to identify which elements aren’t helping your user experience. Identify the elements that just aren’t getting interactions and are simply taking up space. This could be social media widgets, sidebar elements, blog post meta details, or links in the footer.

Reduce the Number of Pages

One way to simplify your web design is to parse down unnecessary pages. This gives users less elements to distract them from the important parts of your site. It also creates a cleaner and more organized experience. Review your website and get rid of the pages that you know you really don’t need or merge pages that cover similar topics.

Get Your Call to Action Above the Fold

Research show that most people spend more time above the fold of your website (or, above the part of your website that is viewable before scrolling down). This is the most important part of your website. Whatever is displayed in this sweet spot is what every visitor to your homepage will see first. Make sure that you put a lot of rich content in this part of the website, including any call to action (such as “call us today!” or “Check out our store!”).

Stick to a Limited Color Scheme

It can be easy to go crazy with lots of bright colors, but a crazy color scheme can actually overstimulate your website’s users. Limiting yourself to a color scheme of only 2 to 3 colors is a great way to simplify your web design. You can use shades of these colors to provide subtlety and texture.

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