5 Ways to Build Up Your Facebook Fan Base

Are you trying to build up your Facebook Fan Base? If yes, we are here to help you with five methods to build up your Facebook Fan Base. Read below to learn!

Roughly 64% of Facebook users are fans of at least one company. This is enough of an initiative for you to have a Facebook Company Page to gain loyal fans and increase your company’s profits. The objective is to have fans become involved with your updates, spread positive word of mouth about your business and become strong advocates on your company through the social network Facebook.

Here are five quick ways to start attracting fans to your Company page.

Link your Website and Online listings to your Company’s Facebook Page.

Facebook is a great tool for your company to utilize to display your existing website and directory listings. Make sure you display a prominent link to your Facebook company page to add credibility to your business and allow visitors to your page know that you are active in the social space. When fans “like” your Facebook page, they can take advantage of special offers that you post exclusively to your page.

Promote your Facebook Page to your Customers

If you are a small business, Facebook is a great tool to help you interact with your customers and benefit greatly from word of mouth advertising. Discover tactics that can help you communicate with customers every day. Most customers that have a positive experience with a company will want to connect with the company on a daily basis. Be sure to make it easy for customers to find you on social networks. Some great ways to help customers find your Facebook page is to put that you are on Facebook on receipts, state it on follow-up or reminder phone calls, state it on after-hours voice-mail messages, place it on your special offer emails and display it on print advertisement.

To learn more on building up your Facebook fan page, check out some of the social profiles Adventure Web Productions have created here.

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