5 Tips for Effectively Using Pinterest as a Business


Have you signed up for a Pinterest account but are unsure of how to get started? Try these tips for businesses specifically.

Pinterest is a unique social media platform due to the way people use it; most Pinterest users aren’t trying to interact with their friends or family but are instead looking for inspiration usually in the form of visual images and sometimes explicitly use it to find products or businesses to work with. As a result, Pinterest has become an essential part of modern social media marketing. If you’ve never used Pinterest and don’t know where to start, try giving these tips a shot to see if it’s right for you.

1. Make Sure Your Profile is Properly Filled

When creating your profile, you want to make it obvious what your account is all about. You should use an image that accurately represents your brand, like your logo. There should also be all the usual relevant info. This includes what you do, what your website is, and even a location.

2. Using Boards Properly

Boards are the primary way pins, or posts, are sorted on Pinterest. Create a new board and use a descriptive name to label it—usually you want to do this by using keywords, or major concepts or themes related to your business. You should also start using those keywords within the description so you can give your audience an idea of what the board is all about.

3. Add Save Buttons

It’s all about accessibility. Adding a save button on your website will let people pin your content at a click’s notice and makes it easier for people to interact with you. Save buttons let anyone, even someone without a Pinterest account, keep track of your content easily. You have two options: automatic buttons create a clickable Pinterest button on every image on your site or you can add buttons manually to content you post.

4. Be Consistent

Figure out a schedule that works for you. For some businesses that means posting once a day but for many others it means posting weekly or biweekly. Whatever you end up deciding works for you, make sure you’re fairly consistent and stick to that schedule.

5. Always Use High-Quality Images

At the end of the day, Pinterest is a visual platform. Consistently using poor images will mean that no one follows you, but even making the mistake of posting something with low resolution once or twice can undermine your efforts. Just remember to use decent equipment, even some phones these days offer good enough quality, and to do your best to make your brand or product look visually stunning.

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