5 Tips for Creating Compelling Shareable Content

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Learn what you can do to create shareable content that engages your audience.

When your fans share your blog posts on social media, it can significantly help drive more traffic to your website and help boost your reach. However, social shares are not always so easy to earn. Most people only share a small number of blog posts or other content that they encounter online. So what can you do to encourage your readers to share your content? The following five tips can help you create compelling, shareable content that helps grow your audience. 

Choose the Right Topics

First, the topic of your blog posts will play a significant role in determining whether people want to share them. You can use Google Trends to identify popular topics in your area or analyze your website statistics to see which articles have performed well in the past. 

You will also want to consider the emotional reaction your content will inspire. The most shareable content tends to inspire laughter or awe in the readers. This means that a funny or inspirational message will likely garner more shares and interest than a sad post. 

Use Shareable Formats

You can use various formats for your blog posts, including lists, how-to pieces, infographics, and more. However, some of those formats are more shareable than others. 

Research has shown that infographics often get the highest number of shares, followed by listicles. “Why” posts, or posts that explain or offer context for topics, rank third for most shared. By using more of these formats for your blogs, you can encourage social sharing. 

Consider Your Industry Audience

Certain article formats will perform better in specific industries. For instance, long-form listicle articles tend to work best for tech or home blogs. How-to articles get the most shares in the food and hospitality sectors. As you plan your shareable content calendar, consider what your industry audience will most want to see. 

Write a Great Headline

Your headlines are almost equally important as your content, so it’s essential to take some time to craft a great headline. People typically decide whether or not to click on an article based on the headline, and if they don’t click, they won’t share. 

There are some tips for crafting shareable headlines, including: 

  • Include numbers or data 
  • Grab reader’s attention by being unique, useful, or urgent
  • Use words that pack an emotional punch
  • Avoid confusing words and phrases

Include High-Quality Visuals

Including high-quality and relevant images or videos can make your blog especially appealing for social media. Most social media sites will use your blog post’s primary photo as a thumbnail, so you will want to choose an appealing image to encourage engagement. 

Using these tips increases the chance that your shareable content will be engaged with by your audience and shared to even more potential customers or readers. 

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