5 Great Social Media Marketing Tools

Today, social media marketing is essential to the successful strategy of any business. With the growth of the internet, over the past several years, social media has played a major role and strongly influenced and reinvented the way we communicate with businesses and relate to consumers.social-media-marketing

By definition, social media marketing is the process of attracting and increasing website traffic and attention through various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Successful social media marketing plans generate captive content that attracts viewers, especially millennials, and supplies the social tools to share that across each of the massive social networks. Because of its versatility, social media is easily accessible by any person with computer access or a smartphone. Increased usage and social media sharing increases brand recognition for companies and often serves as an effective and inexpensive way for companies, organizations and agencies to get their marketing message across multiple media.

To understand the positive impact social media marketing can have on consumers, it is important to note five essential guidelines and social tools crucial in planning and executing a social media strategy.


First and foremost, workgroups are essential to the flow of conversation across your social channels and your organization. Workgroups provide your social media marketing team a complete look at each and every conversation and image shared from one cohesive digital space. In addition, workgroups allow upper management in different companies to clearly define the levels of access allocated to each worker’s computer.


A unique way to covey your brand’s identity and message along with reaching potential and current customers is through tagging. Tagging, a form of search engine optimization, is the way in which specific words and proper nouns are highlighted so that large search engines, such as Google, find blog posts, websites and other information on the internet that is relevant to the topic being searched,


In order to maximize the visibility and information on your social networking site, it is important to have a social snippet that briefly explains the content behind the link. Instead of just a plain link to a website or article, users can preview the information along with the attached picture and it makes it easier for businesses and customers who might have already purchased the item or traveled to a vacation to respond faster to inquiries.


Face it. Even though you might not want to admit that you need eight hours of sleep a night, it is encouraged that you both get a sufficient amount of shuteye and time away from digital space. That is where queued messaging plays a vital role in the lives of social media marketers everywhere. With this social tool, social media marketers and other digital specialists can monitor, schedule and draft accurate and specific content to go out in the digital space, for example, in the middle of the night even if they are not directly in front of their mobile device or computer.


Crunching numbers may not be the forte of social media marketing experts but with the assistance of specific return-on-investment (ROI) database programs and social tools like social media dashboards, numbers of engagement, likes and followers can be accounted for. Also, along with knowing the numbers for each specific social media marketing messaging, a business can know what social campaigns were successful, which one’s were not and how they can improve socially as a company.

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