4 Signs Your Website Could Use a New Design

New Website Design

If your old site is falling short in these four areas, it’s time to start thinking about a new design.

For many of your potential customers, the first impression they will receive of your company will be from your website. Is your site giving off a good impression to these visitors? One of the first things most people think about when considering their site’s design is whether it looks modern enough. But while a fresh look is certainly beneficial, it isn’t the most important question to ask yourself when looking at your website. Here are four signs you should be looking for that will tell you that your website could use a new design.

1. Doesn’t Appeal to the Target Audience

This is a no-brainer. Your website is designed to convert your potential sales leads into customers. If you aren’t even reaching your target audience, what’s the use of even having a site? Studies have shown that web users form an impression about a website in as a little as one-twentieth of a second. Getting your target audience to your site and coaxing them to linger means half of the work is already done in converting them to paying customers! If you’re not attracting this target audience, you should be thinking about a new design.

2. Call to Action Isn’t Strong Enough

Your website needs to guide your visitors towards a measurable goal. If your call to action isn’t strong enough, that will lead to a higher bounce rate on your site than may be desired. Make your call to action clear, concise, and compelling. This will help direct your site visitors towards the goal of your website and increase your number of sales leads.

3. Load Times are Too Slow

Consider this: half of the users on the internet expect websites to load in under two seconds. Most will bail on a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. The average website, however, takes around seven seconds to load on a desktop and ten seconds or more on mobile! Check your website loading times with online tools like WebPageTest. If your site isn’t making the grade, a new site design can help speed things up.

4. Site Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

With more and more users accessing the web on mobile devices, companies without mobile-friendly sites will suffer lost business and traffic. Mobile-friendliness is also now a ranking factor in Google searches, so you’ll also lose search rankings on all platforms with an old, nonresponsive site design. If your site is not conducive to your mobile viewers, consider a site redesign in the very near future.

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