4 Popular Web Design Elements

Web Design
These are just some of the most exciting and trending web design elements worth considering.

Design cannot just be about what is trendy. After all, great design is so often about doing what no one else has done yet, and creating something new, exciting, and unique. Good web design, however, also has to answer to a higher master, that of usability. Sometimes things become trendy just because they work really well or make things really easy for the end user. The goal of great web design is the perfect marriage of usability, interest, and beauty, and these four popular web design elements do that nicely. Read on for some elements you might want to include in your next website redesign.

Font Changes

There are many interesting things happening in the world of text, type, and font. The first is a movement to outlined text, especially in logos (though not limited to that).  There is also a trend towards using huge, eye-catching text that takes up way more than its fair share of the page, producing visual interest and capturing the attention immediately. Many logos are also showcasing the increasingly popular shift back towards the, perhaps boring, simplicity of Helvetica (or a similar sans serif font). Finally, there is also an interesting counter movement adoption of old-style and quirky fonts in logos, which makes them stand out even more.

CSS Grid

Flexbox got us close to where we all want to be by allowing things to be centered vertically, and while it also allowed horizontal centering, it did not do both at the same time. CSS Grid fixes that, by allowing you to center things both horizontally and vertically, literally putting the elements exactly where you want them in your design. While this hasn’t fully taken off, expect to see more designers taking advantage of this tool this year.

Illustration Improvements

Improvements in the illustrated elements of web design are circling around a return to 3D looks. The age of flat art is gone, and the new designs feature interesting cut outs, 3D style drawings, and illustrated characters that help people connect with the brand. There is also a move toward the collage effect with overlapping elements and illustrations to achieve visual grouping and increased interest.

Softer Color Palettes

This year will likely see a big swing away from the highly saturated colors towards softer palettes. Keeping the color scheme approachable will help draw in viewers, while the illustrations themselves help to humanize your brand and connect everything. If you’re an indie brand, or trying to carve out attention, opting for more saturated hues in the softening color landscape might be the perfect eye-catching decision.

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