3 Unique Snapchat Ideas For Brands To Attract Customers


Using Snapchat is a great way to attract new customers to your brand.

Snapchat is used to share photos and videos daily. In fact, Snapchat consists of millions of people and brands collectively sharing images and unique videos to attract people to them. As a result, brands are taking notice and forging ahead with distinct ideas that continuously attract new customers to their services and products. Here are just a few unique ideas for brands to incorporate on Snapchat to entice more customers.

Using Geofilters

Just like writing copy with Geo’s, incorporating locations into Snapchat posts is a great way to reach your targeted audience. In fact, Geofilters provide brands with a good way to let customers know where they are located. As a result, customers in the area are more likely to notice posts that have Geofilters attached to them. Even more, brands can customize and create their own unique Geofilters like attaching their logo simply by submitting the design to Snapchat and waiting for approval.

Incorporate Event Tags

Just like Geofilters, event tags provide an opportunity for all your followers to get a behind the scenes look at a VIP event. This instant access attracts customers who are enthralled by getting the inside scoop on a company and brand. In fact, event tags are not solely relegated to red carpet events. Consider taking some snaps at your next business conference to give your followers an inside scoop on the newest products that have yet to be released.

Have Fun With Emojis

Lately, there has been a meteoric rise in emoji use. In fact, incorporating emojis in any snaps you take can instantly increase followers. Since emojis are numerous, there is sure to be an emoji that depicts your brand or at least has the essence of your brand. Consider using emojis the next time you take a snap to attract new followers to your brand.

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