3 Trends that Dominated Social Media in 2016

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Social media changes all the time… but by looking at this year’s biggest trends you can develop more effective strategies to reach your audience.

Social media seems to undergo big changes every year and we learn more and more how people have integrated the various platforms into their day-to-day lives. It’s challenging, therefore, to think up a coherent marketing strategy for your business on social media channels. Even though it is difficult to predict how things may change even in the short-term, it can be helpful to review the trends that dominated this past year to better inform and shape strategies going forward. So here are 3 of the biggest trends that dominated social media in 2016.

1. Live Video

Live video started with the development of Periscope in 2015, but this year the concept really took off with the launch of Facebook Live. Both individual users, as well as organizations, started using the platform to share live streaming content with their followers. It’s a relatively new phenomenon but it has a lot of potential for growth in social media marketing going forward.

2. Stories

Snapchat has featured stories since the app launched, but the launch of Instagram’s story feature was big news earlier this year. Instagram is a tricky social media platform for brands to use because it doesn’t allow you to post links and it’s hard to rope in an audience. But the new story feature promotes brands to tell their stories and there is some potential for brands to see great results by using it effectively.

3. Mobile Optimization

It’s no surprise that the growth and dominance of mobile web traffic are driving social media channels to focus on their mobile experiences. Web companies, in general, seem to be betting on mobile going forward – the clearest example being Google testing their mobile-first index and rolling out AMP pages. Companies looking to have an effective social media marketing campaign will have to focus their efforts on roping in the mobile audience.

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