3 Bad Marketing Habits to Avoid

bad marketing habits

Make sure you don’t practice any of these bad marketing habits.

Because of the relative newness of online marketing, many marketing experts are people who have taken a genuine interest in what the internet has to offer businesses and are self-taught. Unfortunately, being self-taught often means picking up a few bad habits alongside the good ones. Bad marketing habits can be ineffective and can make you and your business look amateur. Make sure that you are not succumbing to any of these rookie marketing mistakes.

Not Prioritizing Your Data

Analytics are a great way to analyze your content and the traffic that you are attracting. However, nowadays it seems like every site has analytics. Google, Hootsuite, Facebook, and even Pinterest have their very own analytics reporting! While it’s great that so much data has become accessible, it can sometimes be overwhelming for a marketing novice. Many new or self-taught marketers have the bad marketing habits of trying to process all of this information at once and falling behind on other more important work. Figure out which data is the most helpful for what you are trying to achieve, then focus on that and don’t worry about the rest.

Not Planning Your Brand and Content

Planning is an essential step that no one should take lightly! You may have a great idea for a brand, but if you have the bad marketing habits of not taking the time to create a good logo, not establishing your target audience, and not targeting your advertising, your branding may fall flat. The same goes for content. Pin down who your target audience is and curate your content around it. Come up with a consistent schedule for posting new content. Brand and content that are carefully planned are more likely to succeed.

Choosing Quantity Over Quality

More is not always better, especially when it comes to content. While you do want to be posting new content on a consistent schedule to make your online presence known, you also want to focus on producing quality content that will generate genuine interest. Some marketers who are on a tight schedule may cut corners to produce substandard content just to have it ready in time. While you may be blasting your Facebook page with constant updates, few people will want to interact with your content if it is substandard. Creating quality content that meets user needs and is genuinely interesting is a much better route for growing your traffic numbers.

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